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Q:  I have a problem.  My ex girlfriend and I still talk.  And sometimes it's cool between the two of us.  But most of the time,  she's a bitch to me and it's kind of hard to take.  I love her a lot and I really want to get back together with her.  But I also don't want to have to deal with her bitchy attitude all the time.  What do you think I should do? 

A:  Well,  you are still kinda light on the details.  So I'm going to give you the best broad-strokes I can.  It'd help if there were more detail,  though.   

So the first thing I would say is this: 

Your love for her is going to keep you going back to her no matter how bitchy she is.  And there's a part of her that knows that.  So is there any incentive there for her to change the way she is? 


None at all.  She can be as big of a bitch as she wants and she knows that you'll be around.  Do you see the problem there? 

I'm not saying that you should totally stop loving her. 

What I am saying is that you should realize that if things remain the same,  then she's going to continue to be a bitch just because she can. 

So before you do anything else … 

You have to ask yourself,  "Am I ready for something to change?" 

Because until you are,  you are going to continue to get the bitch treatment.

When you ARE ready for a change,  then I'd recommend you look here:

Click here

It's something that you may have to deal with. 

Even if you don't want to. 

Fact is,  once you break up with a woman,  she's free to date someone else.  

Some men resort to throwing the equivalent of an adult tantrum when that happens.  You don't want to do that.  Because that'll just reinforce the idea that breaking up with you was the right thing for her to do.

And that's not going to help you one bit in getting her back.

So in this post,  we're going to talk about how you can handle yourself with both DIGNITY and CLASS when you find out your ex girlfriend is dating someone else.

First things first,  you have to get your mindset right.

That means …

You've got to accept the break up and the fact that she has the right to date someone else.

If you can't accept that,  you are screwed.  It's a sign of both immaturity and insecurity.  The 2 deadly I's when it comes to relationships.  Instead of being the guy who throws a tantrum,  you want her to see that you can accept this reality even if you don't like it.

Next …

You want to give her the respect she deserves.

What do I mean?  Well,  if you are out and about and you see her,  wish her well.  Don't act like you are rooting for her new thing to fail.  Even if deep down,  you really are.

Remember,  this is someone you care about.  Step outside yourself for a moment and think about what you really want … for her to be happy.

And let that show.


It's a classy move.  It leave you with your dignity.  And it telegraphs very clearly to her that you are NOT like most men.  In the best freaking way imaginable.

Think she's not going to think about that later on?

Please!  You know she will.  And it will be in the right context.  Because instead of seeing you as just an asshole (like she would if you threw a tantrum),  she's going to look at you in a DESIRABLE way.

In every situation,  you have a choice of how you'll respond to it.  You don't get to control the situation.  But you do get to control the way you respond.  

And the true alpha male (the one women lust for) …

Responds in a way that's classy and leaves him with all his dignity clearly intact.

I had to learn this the hard way.  And I'm glad that I did learn it.  Because so many guys never do and so …

They spend their entire lives in the friend zone with multiple women they'd rather have dated.  Even though they could have prevented it.  Had they learned this one simple rule.  

It's about the only one related to being in the friend zone with a woman you ought to know.

So what is it?


Never get in the friend zone in the first place.

Now,  I'll admit.  That sounds like the biggest "duh" kind of statement a guy can make.  But as much of a "duh" statement as it is,  check out the world around you.

Including yourself.

Guys are constantly getting themselves stuck in the friend zone under the misguided idea that being a woman's friend is a fastlane to becoming more than a friend.

You have to get rid of that idea once and for all.

Instead,  you have to accept that you will have a lot more success in life with women if you don't get stuck in the friend zone.  And that means you have to actually live by that realization.

That means –

You have to put your foot down to doing her favors.

You have to stop being her confidante when she wants to talk about other guys.

You have to stop acting like a friend.

I'm not opposed to having women as friends.  I've got a lot of 'em.  But none of 'em are women I'd want to date.  If they were,  I wouldn't be their "friend" … I'd be the guy they're talking to their friend about.

If you want "out" of the friend zone for good …

You have to stop operating on the foolish idea that being her friend first is a good thing.

And instead operate like a guy who's savvy enough to know that it's far better to be the guy she's sleeping with instead.

One of the worst things you can do is to show off your neediness to your ex girlfriend.  It's going to be there a little bit,  no matter what you do.  You kinda can't help that.  However,  you certainly can hide that neediness from her.

And that's what being busy when you call your ex girlfriend achieves.


It's simple.

A guy who's sitting around lamenting about the break up isn't attractive.  A guy who's able to move on and still get shit done …

That is attractive.

And that's who you want to be.  

The guy who's still getting shit done in his life.  

Pre-framing the conversation with something like "Hey, I'm about to go do something but I just wanted to see what's up with you"

That tells your ex girlfriend that you are that guy.

It's the "proof" she needs.

And it's damn easy to do.

Not only that …

It makes her wonder.  Makes her curious.  She'll stop and say to herself,  "What's he up to?" …

Instead of "I'll already know what he's up to … nothing."

So before you dial her number.  Make sure that you make it clear that you are busy and you are not just sitting around waiting for the chance to talk to her.  

It might sound kinda like you are playing a game. 

But who cares …

Because it'll help you win her back!

Yeah,  I'm bring these video breaks back.  In this one,  you'll see Bella Hadid looking absolutely beautiful (and sexy as hell) during her photo shoot for GQ magazine.  

So have fun.


The texting game is one that you need to learn.  

However,  it's not one that anyone's really going to teach you.  It's another one of those things that you are just supposed to figure out all on your own.  And because of that,  it's nearly inevitable that you are going to make a lot of mistakes.  

Of course,  we can workaround that.  Because,  we can look at 3 of the most common texting mistakes guys unknowingly make nearly all the time and when you can avoid those … you'll be much better off.

So are you ready to find out what these 3 texting mistakes are?

The first texting mistake guys unknowingly make is …

They text way too often.

For the most part,  texting isn't like having a phone conversation.  You don't have to go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.  It's okay to have a time gap in between your texts to a woman.

Having those gaps achieves a few things:

1)  It suggests that you are busy and not just sitting around waiting to text her.
2)  It gives both you and her time to think about your replies.
3)  It takes most of the “pressure” off of a conversation.

Don't be like most guys and assume that texting her over and over is a good thing.  It's not.  If you do,  it quickly becomes annoying.  It makes you seem like you have no life.  And it shows that you aren't really up on the texting game.

The second texting mistake guys unknowingly make is …

They try to be funny and it doesn't land.

Words on a screen don't pack the same punch that spoken words do.  When you tell a joke in person,  you are giving off signals that you can't when it's just words on a screen.  There's no vocal tonality.  There's no emotion on your face.  And there's none of the other body language tells that make it clear you are just joking.

Plenty of times,  I've heard guys complain about texting a woman what was supposed to be a joke and the woman takes it the wrong way.

Read your text back in several different moods before you send it.  If it sounds like it can be taken the wrong way …

Chances are good the joke won't land well.

If that's the case,  don't send it.

And the third texting mistake guys unknowingly make is …

They get sexual and it gets weird.

If you don't already know it,  women and men don't usually think of the same things when they think of “dirty talk.”  What women think of is usually along the lines of romance and what guys usually think of is along the lines of what you'd read in an adult magazine.

Take a cue from all the politicians and athletes and celebrities who've had their sexual texts get taken in a weird way.

Don't send it.

That's not to say that you can never have sexual texting (sexting) going on.  But you do have to know that most of the time,  when guys try it,  they end up weirding out the woman and not turning her on.

Okay,  so this post isn't going to give you all that you need to know when it comes to texting women.  But it should give you a good jumpstart.  Like I said,  this is all stuff that you are supposed to figure out all on your own.

And that means most guys screw it up more often than not.

But you won't be like most guys.  

If you avoid these 3 mistakes.

Passive-aggressive people can be hard to be around.  But they can also be hard to figure out.  Especially because one of their traits is to say one thing while meaning another.

So how do you know if you are in a passive-aggressive relationship with a woman?

Read this: 10 Signs You're in a Relationship with a Passive-Aggressive

Of course,  if some of those signs apply to you more than they do her,  might be time to do some soul-searching and maybe some behavior modification.

This is actually some decent advice and it comes in under a minute.  So you might as well check it out.  If you are ever going to be traveling with a suit … might be nice to know how to pack it so it doesn't get all wrinkled and screwed up right?

I'll admit.

I can't pack a suit to save my life.  Maybe I'll put this to good use.  Who knows?

If I'm being honest,  there's really not a lot to get from watching this.  Other than a quick laugh when you realize these women probably "think" they are helping.  

What women say you should do (especially in this kind of context) and what they are actually attracted to …

Rarely are the same thing.

So keep that in mind if you decide to peep this video.

Talking with women is one of those topics that comes up again and again in the dating world.  

And there's a good reason for that.  

Most guys grow up hanging out with other guys.  Then,  there comes a point where you are supposed to talk to girls and of course it's hard.  You can't go for years mostly hanging out with dudes and then expect to have flawless conversation with females.

Still,  you gotta be able to get this part of your game down.  Because if you can't talk to women,  you can pretty much kiss your chances of having a lot of fun down the tubes.

I'm going to give you 3 websites that'll help you come up with a lot more things to talk about with women and I'm going to show you how to use them to source out topics to talk about.



Let's dig in.

The first website we'll talk about is …


How can you use Twitter to help you come up with things to talk about?  You go and find the trending topics.  And then you do a quick learn of what they are and what they're about.  Trending topics are what's circulating on the web and that tells you it's a topic that folks are talking about.

You don't even have to have a Twitter account.

Just go to this link: https://twitter.com/search-home

Granted most of what'll come up is either going to be news that's trending or some celebrity gossip.  But sometimes it's stuff that falls outside of those 2 categories and can actually be kind of interesting.

Point is,  it gives you somewhere to start a conversation that's proven to hold some interest in the world.

Now,  the second website we'll be talking about is …


Yep,  the good ol' search engine can come in kinda handy every now and again.  And we're going to use it in a very similar way as we do with Twitter.  

Because having topics that are socially proofed already to be ones worthy of conversation ain't a bad way to go.

Use this URL: https://www.google.com/trends/

As I am writing this,  football season's in full swing.  So most of the stories that are trending have to do with football.  

That might be okay with a woman,  if she's a football fan.  If she's not,  you might want to look for other things that are trending.  Just like with using Twitter,  we just want some social proof that the topics we have to talk about hold interest.

And finally …

The third site might sound "weird" at first.  But hear me out.

It's …


The ultra popular women's magazine.  Like it or not,  you gotta scoop up some intel on what women talk about and how they think.  And Cosmo's not a bad way to go for that.

Here's the link:  http://www.cosmopolitan.com/

Their quizzes can be goldmines.  Because they tell a different story about what women really think like and experience in the world than what most men are told.

These 3 websites make it so the ol' excuse "I don't have anything to talk about" is a thing of the past.

Of course,  the best way to get good at talking to women is still to just get out there and do it.  But now you have 3 resources that'll help you so you never get stuck feeling like you don't know what to say.

I go on and on a lot about how good it is for guys to have female friends.  

So much so,  I've gotten a little bit of flack in the past.  Still,  I ain't budging my position on that topic.  Because time and time again I've seen how clueless guys who only hang out with other guys are about women.  I even saw it in the PUA community.  Where most of the guys didn't do much but trade off-the-wall theories with one another.

But that's a conversation for another place and time.  In this post,  we're going to talk about 5 ways that guys creep out women all the time and they don't even know it.  And these all come from female friends of mine,  so you know they're on-point.

So let's get crackin'.


So the first way comes from my friend Lina.

And she says one of the ways that guys creep her out is when …

They stare at her but don't say anything at all.

Of course,  it's natural that you wanna check out a pretty woman.  And if she's really pretty,  you don't wanna just look away.  At the same time,  you do have to realize that to the woman you are staring at …

It's creepy as hell.

So don't do it.  If you make eye contact with a woman and you wanna approach her …

Go approach her.

The second way guys creep out women comes from my friend Nikki.

And she says that one of the ways guys can creep her out without knowing it is when …

They grill her with questions like she's being interviewed.

This comes up a lot whenever I talk about getting better at talking to women.  

Acting like you are grilling them for info ain't a cool thing to do.  Just think about what it would be like if you were standing out somewhere and someone came up and started grilling you.

It'd probably weird you out,  right?

Interview style questions are not the way to go.  They're too constrictive for good conversation and at the end of the day …

It's kinda creepy.

So now the third way comes from my friend Amber.

And she says she gets creeped out by …

Guys at clubs who just come up and try to dance with her when she doesn't know who they are.

It's not that hard to make a quick introduction and a little preliminary convo first.  Granted,  some women are open to having a guy just come up and start dancing … 

But most aren't.

It's better to break the ice first.

Cuz if you don't …

You might just creep her the fuck out.

Now the fourth way comes from my friend Lea.  

And she says that it's creepy as can be when …

A guy she just met starts texting her all the time.

I've talked about this plenty of times before.  Just because it's easy to grab your phone and start firing off text messages,  doesn't mean you should do it.

And that holds especially true when you've just met a woman.

Remember,  less is almost always more when it comes to texting.  A well-timed text can get her calling you back to have a phone convo.  However,  if you overdo it …

You're just going to come across like a creepy guy.

Finally,  the fifth way guys creep women out all the time without knowing it comes from my friend Nikita.

She says it's creepy when …

The guy can't make phone conversation.

She says she hates that dead-air that happens when a guy just doesn't have much of anything to say when he calls her.  And I've gotta admit,  that would be kind of creepy.  

Dead-air on the phone plays into a lot of horror-flick plotlines.

Always have something to say and if you don't,  don't be afraid to cut the conversation short.  It's better to have a short conversation without the creepy dead-air time than it is to have a long one that just sends chills down her spine.

Obviously you don't wanna come across like a creep.  Hopefully,  knowing these 5 ways that come straight from the lips of women will help you check yourself so you don't get classified as …

That creepy guy.

Getting in shape doesn't just help you out when it comes to your physical health.  Though that is a huge plus.  When you are in shape and you know it,  you are way more confident about the way you look.  And it shows.  Women can see it.  From a mile away.

But …

I'm not really one to fall for the latest fitness fads.  Because,  we see so many of those come and go,  it's hard to put much stock in a fad.  It's far better to go with the fundamentals that aren't going to change.  So you can get in shape,  stay that way,  and make it a part of your life.

I went out scouting for 3 videos that'll help you get in good shape quickly,  without relying on some weird fad that's going to go by the wayside 6 months from now.

Here's the first video:

Here,  you have Tom Venuto,  who created the guide "Burn the Fat,  Feed the Muscle" speaking and he's worth paying attention to.  He's a guy who's competed in natural body-building events as well as having been a fitness model.

What I've always liked about Tom's stuff is that he's science based in his approach and he's always been willing to change and adapt his advice based on new legit science that comes out.

Here's the second video:

Here's Tim Ferriss speaking at Google in promotion of his book,  The 4 Hour Body.  Now,  some of what Tim talks about and recommends isn't exactly the most legit science revolving around fitness.  

However,  what I do like about his approach is experimentation.

One thing that I learned in-the-field when it came to meeting women is that you do have to experiment a little bit.  Because a lot of things are subjective.

Fitness is a lot like that as well.

So don't listen blindly to what he says,  but take-away the idea that you want to experiment a little (in a healthy way of course) and you'll be set.

And here's the 3rd and final video:

West Point's out in my neck of the woods.  This one's just for a little inspiration.  It's hard to watch this video and not get a little bit amped up to go workout yourself.

So have fun and enjoy.