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I'd be nice if you could have some kind of psychic power that'd let you know all the time whether or not a woman was sexually attracted to you.  You wouldn't have to ever worry about getting it wrong.  You'd know exactly when to move forward and when to pull back.  But,  none of us have that kind of psychic power.  So we gotta make due with what we got.  And that means,  we don't always get it right.  

However,  there are some things that you can watch out for and pay attention to that will kind of guide you in the right direction most of the time.

1.  Pupil dilation.

This is where science can get a little bit sexy.  A woman who's feeling horny will have her pupils dilate.  But there is a catch.  They also dilate for other reasons.  If there's a shortage of light,  her eyes will dilate in order to take in more light so she can see better.  So this isn't always the BEST sign to go on.  But it is one of them.

2.  She can't seem to get close enough to you.

The more she wants to get close,  and if getting close doesn't seem like enough … chances are good she's sexually attracted to you.  It'd be nice if it was as blunt as her jumping into your lap.  But even if it's a lot more subtle than that,  her wanting to get close to you physically is usually a good sign.

3.  She acts a little "airheaded" when she's not really an airhead.

She's usually quick and smart and all that and when she's around you … she instantly becomes an airhead.  That's a good thing.  It almost always means that there's attraction going on and it's usually sexual.

Like any "signs" to look out for,  ONE by itself is NOT enough.  You always want to see them STACKED.  Because that gives you more and more indication that she's feeling sexually attracted to you.  

Now,  women CAN feel sexually attracted to a guy and still not want to date him or even have sex with him.  So keep that in mind.  But more often than not,  if there've been sparks between you and her and she's showing a lot of signs she's sexually attracted … She probably is.

What you do with that is up to you.

When you first go out with the intention of being able to approach a woman and escalate attraction with her,  it can seem pretty hard.  You wind up thinking about everything that you do and say.  And you often wonder if you are doing or saying the right thing.  The good news is,  it doesn't have to stay that way.  You can learn how to escalate attraction with a woman without much effort.


By getting as much experience as you can get.  Think about how many times a day you've had the potential opportunity to talk to a woman and you didn't do it.  Now,  imagine that you had.  After a short while,  you'd have a lot of experience,  right?  Well,  you are probably missing out on chance after chance to get good at escalating attraction with a woman.

Much like anything, it takes practice to get good.

You don't get good just by reading.  Or by imagining it.  Or theorizing about it.

You get good by doing it.

And when you get good at it,  you slowly start to rewire yourself.  Slowly,  but surely,  it just becomes the way that you NATURALLY interact with women.  

Now …

The one thing that holds a lot of guys back is …

They say they don't want to escalate attraction with a lot of women.  They just want to be able to get that ONE woman.  But,  you gotta remember …

You gotta take your practice swings.

And that doesn't mean you have to date every woman you've escalated attraction with.  It doesn't mean that you have to sleep with every women you've been able to escalate with.

Those practice swings are what allow you to know what to do when the time is right.

Just like batting practice helps a baseball player when he steps in the batter's box during a big game.  Had he not taken those practice cuts,  he'd be rusty.  And probably wouldn't perform to the best of his ability.

Same shit applies here.

You can't expect to see that ONE woman you want to approach and get it right if you don't have experience.

So you gotta take those practice cuts.  Next time you are out,  work on approaching women.  Knowing that you don't have to take them out on a date or have sex with them if you don't want to.  Know that it's just a chance to get that practice in so that when you need to …

You'll be able to escalate attraction without much effort.

It's easy to get the feeling that women hate you.  Maybe even too easy. When you are not getting the kinds of results that you want to get and think you should be getting …

Thinking that women might hate you is an easy conclusion to come to.

But …

It's probably not accurate.  For one,  not all women are the same.  We as men have a tendency to look at women like they are all the same.  That's silly.

Some women might hate you.

You can't please everyone.  And you can't make everyone like you.

You've got to remind yourself that ONE doesn't equal ALL.  The mind likes to take that shortcut.  But it's a logical fallacy.

Yeah,  I know.  Sounds sort of geeky.  It's important to realize that,  though.  A lot of guys,  after breaking up with a girlfriend or getting rejected by a woman they ask out … start to think that's how all women are.

You gotta remember,  it was only ONE woman.  Not ALL.

Here's something that'll help you NOT fall into the trap of thinking that women hate you.

I've suggested it PLENTY of times over the years.  Guys who've heeded this advice,  have more success with the opposite sex than guys who don't take this advice to heart.

So …

What is it?

Make friends with women.

Don't be that guy who doesn't have any female friends.  Don't be that guy who is always on the outside looking in,  never really understanding women.  Not only will you have better insight into what really attracts women …

It's also nearly impossible to think all women hate you when you have female friends.  You can always look at them as being “signs” that you can get along with women and that some women do like you.

Of course,  that doesn't mean you won't have those temporary moments.

Right after a break up or getting rejected,  you might feel like women hate you for a little bit.  But it won't last as long if you have female friends as it would if you didn't have any female friends.

Plus,  even if you do find that you kind of are rubbing women the wrong way a little bit too often,  your female friends can help point out what needs to change so that doesn't happen.

Don't be a cliché.

It's cliché for men to walk around assuming that women hate them.  Or that women are “the enemy” or whatever.

But guys who are cliches like that …

Don't get laid.

Question:  I've used some of the advice you've given with my ex girlfriend and I have to say,  it's going well.  We've been talking again and even flirting a bit.  But now I want to meet up with her and I'm not sure where the best place to do that would be.  I kind of want everything to go perfect.  So I don't want to choose the wrong place to meet up with my ex girlfriend.  Do you have any suggestions?

Answer:  Cool.  I'm glad that my advice has helped you get somewhere with your ex girlfriend.  That's good stuff.  Feels good to know that you probably do have a chance to get her back,  eh?  I do want to caution you about something.

You said that you want everything to go perfect.

THAT could be your undoing.  And I'll tell you why.  You can almost safely bet that it won't go perfect.  At least,  not the way that you want it to.  And that's okay.  Because the point is to get her back,  right?

Well …

Be realistic.

It may not go perfect.  If you can be cool with that,  that it may not go exactly the way you want it to,  you are better off than if you go into it with an idea that it HAS to go one way.

That said,  I'll give you 3 suggestions of where to meet up with her.  It all depends on what's going on between the two of you.  And only you know the exact details.

So here's my 3 suggestions:

1.  Meet up at a casual restaurant or bar or coffee shop.

Not a date spot.  A spot where folks go just to shoot the shit.  The reason being,  you don't want a lot of pretext clouding things up.  If you try to meet up at the swankiest place in town,  it's going to come across like a date.  She might not be ready for that.  Instead,  a casual spot doesn't have to come off like a date spot.  Friends can meet up at a casual spot just to shoot the shit.

2.  Meet up at her place or yours.

This is good if you KNOW for sure that she's feeling attracted to you again and that something might happen if you get together.  Getting back together with an ex girlfriend and getting right back in bed with her is a good feeling.  However,  if you are not sure that she's really feeling you that way … you might not want to meet in such a private situation.

3.  Meet up with friends and invite her to tag along.

I love this choice.  Getting a woman to tag along with you with your friends is always good.  Because you get to come across in your best light.  But … you gotta have chill friends.  If there are friends that you know she doesn't like … or you have friends who'll try to flirt with her … you don't want to make this choice.

Whatever you choose,  just know that it's not going to be PERFECT and it doesn't have to be.  Hell,  guys have gotten back with their ex girlfriend right after being in an awkward situation with her.

Keep that in mind and good luck!

When you've got a lot of experience to draw on,  being able to create sexual attraction with a woman isn't that hard to do.  It's like learning a dance.  And being able to recall the moves all the time when you need to.  But what if you don't have that experience to pull from?

Are you just shit out of luck?


You don't have to be.  No guy is born knowing the moves.  No guy walks out the womb with the uncanny knack for creating sexual attraction with a woman.  We've all gotta learn.  It's just that most guys don't learn.  

And you don't wanna be one of them.

Because not learning how to create sexual attraction with a woman … is a sure-fire way to live out a lackluster life with little to no sex.  You may not end up a 40 year old virgin,  but you will be missing out on a lot of situations where you can end up having a lot of satisfying sexcapades.

So here are some tips for creating sexual attraction with a woman that'll help you out …

Even if you don't have experience to draw from.

1.  To create sexual attraction with a woman,  you can't fear women.

I gotta point this out.  Because a lot of guys won't admit it,  but you can see it when they interact with women.  Or avoid interacting.  They have a fear of women.  You can't fear women if you wanna be able to make a woman feel sexual attraction.  You've gotta have confidence and you've gotta feel comfortable.

2.  You need to learn how to use your eyes.

Eye contact can either be seductive or kinda creepy.  And the way that most guys do it,  it ends up being kind of creepy.  Gazing at a woman with a gleam in your eye – that's sexy.  Staring her down from the corner of a room – that's creepy.  Get to know the difference.  So that you can use your eyes to give a woman a seductive feeling.  Not a "he might be a weirdo" vibe.

3.  You've gotta know how to touch a woman.

Just like with eye contact,  the right touch can make a woman practically melt.  The wrong touch can make her reach for her pepper spray.  You need to learn the difference.  Because a lot of guys will get to a point where sex might be possible … but then they creep the woman out with the way that they touch her.  And they end up with no sex at all!

Experience will always be the best teacher when it comes to creating sexual attraction.  Because it is like a dance.  Where you have to learn the moves.  But once you know them and know them well …

Your life will NEVER be the same again!

You'll be getting laid way more often than the average guy.  And you might even get so good at it … You end up with one of the best problems you could ever have.

Too many women wanting you all at once!

Look anywhere online,  and you'll find guys who are NOT naturals trying to break down what naturals do that makes it easy for them to attract women.  

As a guy who's kind of gotten that "natural" label attached to him a long time ago … I can tell you that a lot of it is waaay off-base.  Like,  so off-base that it's kind of funny how wrong they can be.  And just as amusing is … they'll never know it.  Because they are lost in the world of theory.  

You don't wanna get lost in that world,  cuz guys who are all theory rarely get laid.

Let's bust open a few myths about guys who are naturals with women. How about 3?  Sound good?  


First myth about guys who are naturals with women …

They are obsessed with women.

In my experience,  guys who are obsessed with women rarely do that well with them.  The obsession kinda gets in the way.  The more full of a life you have – and that means thinking about things other than women – the easier it is to both attract women and have that attitude of not needing a woman.  

On the other hand,  guys who are obsessed with women usually just mope about.  Because they NEED a woman in order to go out and do shit.  If you feel like you can't go out and do shit until you've got a woman .. you are probably not a natural.  And you probably will never have the success you want until you get over feeling that way.

Second myth about guys who are naturals with women …

They're all extroverted.

Some are.  Some are not.  I know myself pretty well.  And I am NOT an extrovert.  Even took a personality test that confirmed, I am an introvert who can be extroverted at times.  But most of the time,  I'm introverted.

And I can tell you,  there are plenty of guys who ARE extroverted and they SUCK at attracting women for anything but a moment or two of attention.  Sure,  they might be able to get a conversation going easier than an introverted guy might … but that doesn't mean it actually leads to them getting laid.

Third myth about guys who are naturals with women …

They all dress and act like pick-up artists.  Not even close to being true.  Most naturals that I know,  and I'd include myself in that,  don't dress all that different from any other guy.  I know.  You've probably seen guys on videos looking like wannabe rockers.

But you know what?

I've seen plenty of those kinds of guys go to a club and strike out hardcore.  I've seen plenty of those kinds of guys go to a bar and sit by themselves or with their group of guy friends all night long.

You don't have to dress or act like a "pick-up" artist.

A lot of that is just marketing.  There are guys who know that if they LOOK like a rockstar on a video,  some guys will buy that image and therefore, buy whatever product they are shilling.  But it doesn'tmean that you have to dress that way.  Or that dressing that way is the reason why some guys are good with women and some are not.  In plenty of clubs,  the guy pulling the most women (and the best looking women) don't dress like wannabe rockers.

Doesn't it suck to like a woman a lot,  to know that you want to be more than just her friend … and she DOESN'T seem to feel the same way about you.


It sucks.

Thankfully,  it doesn't have to.  Because it IS possible to turn that situation around.  You can start off being in the friend zone with a woman and end up being in bed with her or being her boyfriend … or both!

So here's some advice on how to do just that:

1.  Know that you can't "make" anyone do anything.

I point this out,  because some guys get caught up in the hype of bullshit marketing that tells them you can force women to fall in love and other crap like that.  You can't "make" a woman see you as more than just a friend as much as you can make it hard for her not to.  Because if you can cause her to feel a LOT of intense attraction towards you …

She's going to want to be more than just your friend.

2.  You gotta start flirting with her.

Friends do flirt.  And it doesn't always lead to anything more than that.  So you gotta know how to flirt in a way that actually makes her feel intense feelings of attraction.  If you can do this,  you'll start to see her flirting back with you.  You'll start to see her making the move …

And it won't take all that long from you to go from just being her "friend" to being the guy she's secretly falling in love with.

3.  You've gotta be able to shit or get off the pot.

Most guys get stuck being friends with a woman they want to date because they won't make that final move.  They like being around her and they don't wanna lose that.  At some point,  though,  you do have to either shit or get off the pot.

That means that you do have to be willing to make that final move,  knowing that there is a chance it won't pan out.  Winners take those chances.  Losers hold back and cry about being in the friend zone.

Who do you wanna be?


So if you think about it,  in some ways,  we don't really evolve all that much from high school.  Back then,  you probably wondered about whether or not a certain girl liked you.  You tried to look for "clues" that would help you out.  And if you are like most guys,  most of the time … you got it wrong!

Don't feel bad.

We all went through that shit.

But the good news is,  you don't have to sweat it out like you did in high school.  You can learn a few ways to figure out if a woman likes you and look for those 'tells' and be right more often than not.

We're going to go through 5 ways to figure out if a woman likes you or not in this post.


Let's get crackin' then.

The first way to figure out if a woman likes you or not …

She can't stop laughing at all your corny jokes.

To be able to see this,  you have to be brutally honest about which jokes of yours are really corny.  A lot of guys don't have this self-awareness.  They actually think their corny jokes … aren't so corny.  You gotta be able to be honest enough if you want to be able to tell if she's laughing at your corny jokes.

The second way to figure out if a woman likes you or not …

She wants to change you.

It might sound a bit stereotypical.  But there's a good reason for the stereotype of women wanting to change guys they like.  It's what they do.  It might be a bit annoying.  And it might make you think that she doesn't like you so much if she's always trying to change you.  But most of the time,  it means that she likes you.  That's why she wants you to change.  So you become "perfect" boyfriend material.

The third way to figure out if a woman likes you or not …

She's dropping hints that you and her should hang out.

This is one that should be kind of obvious.  But it's not always.  Not to all guys.  Even if the thing she wants to do with you isn't what you want to do … You have to be able to read between the lines.  It means that she wants to spend time with you doing the things she likes,  which almost always means she likes you.  Otherwise,  she wouldn't want you to come and hang.

The fourth way to figure out if a woman likes you or not …

She likes to challenge you on your opinions.

This is closely related to her wanting to change you.  A lot of women like to challenge a guy they like to see what he does.  Does he change his opinions?  Does he hold his ground?  Whatever she's looking for,  it's almost always a sign that she's feeling interested in you and of course,  that's a good thing.

The fifth way to figure out if a woman likes you or not …

She's showing non-stop body language signs that she's attracted to you.

These can be subtle.  And if you don't know what to look for,  you could end up missing out on most of them.  Plenty of times,  I've seen friends getting all sorts of body language signs from a woman … and they don't even know it.  You want to learn at least a little bit about what body language signs women give off when they are attracted to a guy.  Because if you don't know … You could end up missing out on a LOT of opportunities to hook up,  get a date,  whatever you want.

We've all done it.

I don't know a single guy (if he's being honest and not trying to put on a show) who never blew a chance with a woman.

Hell,  the best of us blow more chances than most guys.  Because we take more chances than the average guy does.  Just doing that,  taking more chances,  means that you are going to blow it every now and again.

Truth is,  there are no exact signs to look for.

Because there have been plenty of women I *thought* I totally blew it with,  only to find out that I really hadn't.

I think,  more often than not,  we are usually a little too quick to jump the gun and assume that we've blown it when we really don't know.  That said,  you also don't wanna beat a dead horse.  You don't want to keep trying when there's no sense in trying.

Especially because one of the best ways to give yourself a chance later on,  is to back off right now.

Sometimes,  THAT is the key to getting that chance later on.

But … there are some signs that you can look for that'll tell you when to back off for now.  That,  maybe your time would be better spent focusing on another option.

You do have other options,  right?

If you don't,  you might wanna get some.  Because when you have options,  you don't fret so much when you do blow a chance.  You wouldn't sweat missing out on one woman if you had 3 or 4 others to call on.

Here's some of those signs though that show you might wanna back off a little bit:

1.  If she's always busy when you call on her.

I like career minded women who are out there doing shit.  So I deal with this quite a bit.  Plenty of women have full schedules and you gotta be aware of that.  But, if EVERY single time you call her she just happens to be busy,  you might wanna back off a little and give her a chance to make a move.

2.  She gives you a bitchy tone when you talk to her.

A little bit of the bitchy tone is to be expected.  Especially if you happen to call her when it's her time of the month.  But if she talks like a "turbo-bitch" to you … you might want to back off.  And,  if you end up realizing that's just her personality … then you might wanna back off permanently.  Unless you dig bitchy women.

3.  She's playing the field and you don't want to.

Newsflash,  just in case you didn't get it yet … women do play the field.  And that's fine.  But if you are looking for something exclusive and she's at a point in her life where she just wants to play the field … consider backing off for now.  Maybe she'll get tired of it.  Maybe not.  But as long as you know that you and her are not really aligned with what you want … might as well spend your time finding someone who is.

Like I said,  you don't always know when you've blown it.  There's no shortlist of 3 things to look for that you can memorize.  And sometimes you can get surprised.  Where you *think* you've blown it and she comes calling and you realize … you didn't blow it.

But …

If you are a man with options …

You won't sweat it.

Get it?


You've probably heard it over and over.  Stop thinking about her.  Stop dwelling on her.  You've got to get your mind off of your ex girlfriend,  they say.

Of course …

They don't tell you HOW to do it.  Do they?  Nope.  And you know why?  It's because most of the time,  they don't know.

Well,  I've been there.

Stuck on an ex girlfriend in the past.  And I know what worked for me.  And countless other guys I've shared it with.  It's pretty simple.  Which is why it is so effective.

Because if it was complicated …

Well,  you'd probably find yourself going back to dwelling on her.  But you won't have to do that.  Because I'm going to show you how to get your mind off your ex girlfriend.

It starts with realizing that she is the past.

She's not the now.

She's not the future.  (Although you might be able to get her back in the future … if you are able to get your mind off her now.)

She's your past.

And you have to ask yourself …

Am I really the kind of guy who dwells on the past?

You'll probably instinctively answer,  No.

Now,  truth be told,  we all dwell on the past a little bit.  Still,  reminding yourself that you are not really that guy and you don't really wanna be that guy is a good thing.  It makes you realize exactly what you are doing when you think about her – dwelling on the past.

Check yourself when you are thinking about her.

Ask yourself that question …

Am I really the kind of guy who dwells on the past?

Do that enough and eventually it will cause you to stop doing it altogether.  And this is really important for getting over an ex girlfriend but also for getting her back.

Ask any woman.