How to Gain a Girl’s Trust – 3 Tips to Make a Woman Trust You

It’s not an easy thing to do for a guy to try and gain a woman’s trust. There are so many obstacles and hurdles that you are going to have to overcome. The thing is, if you want to have a really healthy and potentially long lasting relationship with a woman… then you NEED to [...]

What should I say if my ex girlfriend tells me she is dating someone new?

Question: I still talk with my ex girlfriend and an awkward situation came up because of that. She told me that she is dating someone new right now and honestly, I didn't know what to say. I don't want to come across like I am jealous (even though I am) but I also don't want [...]

Sexual Tension and Seduction – Why They Go Hand in Hand

The word, seduction, may give rise to all sorts of ideas in a man’s head about what that is and what it really means to seduce a woman. All it really boils down to, is that to seduce a woman, you want to create the setting and the situation where she wants to become physically [...]

4 Rules for Texting a Woman You Like

It’s so easy to make mistakes when texting a woman, it’s wise that you find out a little bit about what you should and shouldn’t do. The problem with texting is that it is so easy to do, and almost impossible to undo. You can’t take back a message that you have sent, no matter [...]

Life After the Break Up – It Can Get Better

I’d have to say that the men that struggle the most to learn to attract women easily, are the ones who are still dealing with a pretty painful break up. They usually hold onto the idea that they are going to be able to patch things up with their ex girlfriend and that can hold [...]

3 Shocking Reasons Why Women Cheat on Their Boyfriends

You might wonder why women cheat on their boyfriends, especially if right now you suspect that your girlfriend might be cheating on you. It’s a tough thing to have to go through, and it can cause you to end up asking lots of questions. If you are curious as to why women cheat, then you [...]

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me – What Do I Do Now?

You always want to expect the best whenever you get into a new relationship. You certainly don’t try and go into it with a cynical attitude. But, as we all know, things do happen that are not what we want to happen. Cheating is probably one of those things that we all know in the [...]

My Ex Girlfriend Is All I Think About – Can I Get Her Back?

Even though some time has passed since your girlfriend broke up with you, it seems like she is still all that you can think about. Even when you try and think of another woman… you go right back to thinking about her again. You know that deep down inside… you want to get back together [...]

What Qualities Will Make a Man Seem Sexually Attractive to Women?

It should come as no surprise that there is a HUGE gap in what men and women think about when it comes to sexual attraction.  The qualities that most men will assume women find very sexually attractive are usually a LOT lower on the charts than they think.  There are numerous men in gyms across [...]

My Wife Wants to Leave – Can I Change Her Mind or Not?

A lot of times,  I am dealing with the issue of a guy getting dumped by his girlfriend.  That in of itself is painful enough.  What if the relationship is a little deeper than just a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario?  What if it is your wife who wants to leave you?  Can you change her mind or [...]

Should You Be Friends With Her on Facebook?

It’s still kind of amazing to me that a simple social website would become so big that it actually is a factor in so many relationship situations nowadays. Chances are, it has become a staple of your everyday life, as most people have an account with Facebook. And some people take it to the level [...]

Sometimes, it’s your ex girlfriend who’s still holding on and won’t let go …

I get asked a lot about all sorts of things revolving around ex girlfriends and whatever.  And one of the things that pops up quite a bit is: A lot of guys are dealing with an ex girlfriend who is still holding on and won't let go. What do I mean by that? I mean [...]