5 Signs That Your Relationship is Over – You Have to Pay Attention to These

You never see it coming,  do ya?

You feel like your relationship is solid and that you are going to be able to go the distance with this one.  And you know what happens?

Not only do you NOT go the distance with her,  she ends up breaking your heart.  You should have seen it coming, though.

All of the clues were already there.

She made it obvious at times that she just was not feeling you the way that she used to and that should have been a good indication that there was something wrong with the relationship.

You have to pay attention or else you can end up feeling like you have been run over by a Mack truck when she dumps you.  I am guessing that you don’t ever want to feel that way, am I right?

Here are 5 signs that your relationship is over,  so you better pay attention to these:

1)  You get the feeling that your girlfriend might be creeping around on you.

No guy wants to think that their girlfriend is going to cheat on them,  but it does happen.  And it usually is preceded by that gut feeling that it is happening.  She tells you that she is just going to go hang out with a friend after work.  She makes it seem like that friend is a woman,  but you kind of get the feeling that it might be a man. If you are getting that feeling, then you may have to deal with the reality that it is a dude she is going to see and that the relationship is bound to be just a memory.

2)  You just get bored whenever she is around,  unless you are having sex with her.

You know what?  When you realize that the only thing that you like about spending time with your girlfriend is when the two of you are having sex,  you might as well admit that the relationship is done with.  Yeah,  you might still be seeing each other and sleeping with each other.  If you can’t spend more than a few minutes with your clothes on and not get bored with her being around,  then you might as well admit that this relationship is probably not going to go the distance.

3)  Neither one of you wants to get to know each other any better.

You know how great it is when you first start conversing with one another and you actually look forward to getting to know things about her that you don’t know yet?  Well,  when it no longer feels great and you really don’t care to know any more about her,  that may be a clue that things are not as good as they could be.  When it is obvious that she feels the same way,  then the relationship might as well come to an end.

4)  You would rather spend a Friday night alone watching a boring television show than go out with your girlfriend.

You know you are not in a relationship that is meant to last if you are looking forward to watching reruns of Star Trek on Friday night rather than going out to a club with your girlfriend.  If you would much rather spend your time on the couch and in front of the tube by yourself,  then that may be an indication that the writing is on the wall and that you are done with the relationship for good.

5)  Your girlfriend no longer introduces YOU to her friends as her boyfriend,  just as her “friend.”

These kinds of things are not meant to go backwards.  When you first start dating her,  it is perfectly fine for her to refer to you as a friend,  at least until she is sure that you are going to be more than that.  Once you have made that transition into being introduced as her boyfriend,  you do not want to go back to being introduced as just her friend.  That is a pretty subtle way of her saying that you are no longer her boyfriend in her mind.