How to Attract Your Ex Girlfriend – Bargaining With Her is Not Going to Work

I’d have to say that one of the most used tactics by guys who just don’t know any better is trying to bargain with an ex girlfriend to make her give them a second chance.  It’s kind of like the default response that men have when they just don’t know any better and they are all out of ideas on how to try and attract their ex girlfriend back to them.  Look,  this has to be said.  Trying to bargain with your ex girlfriend in an attempt to win her back is NOT the thing that you want to do.  It almost never works and even if it were to work,  it would most likely be a temporary thing.

You want more than that,  I am sure that you do.  You don’t want to have to bargain with a woman to make her give you a second chance.  You just want her to feel like you are worth it.  While you may get that urge to try and plead with her and offer up some kind of a tradeoff if she were to take you back,  you need to fight that urge with all your might.  How many men have gone out and bought jewelry or other expensive gifts for their ex girlfriend only to get dumped again after they give her those gifts?

What is a Much Better Way to Attract Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

To answer this,  just look at what it is that you are trying to do.  You are trying to ATTRACT her back.  So,  in order to do that,  you really have to have a good understanding of what it is that will attract her back to you.  And it is not going to be the gifts that you can give her or the favors that you can do for her.  To get her back through attraction –  you have to do your best to appear attractive to her.

Most women are attracted to men who give off the alpha male vibe.  They don’t know why this is usually,  they just know that these are the kinds of guys that they tend to want to be with.  If you want to win back your ex girlfriend,  then you are going to have to do your best to make her see you as an alpha male.

An alpha male does not have to bargain with a woman to make her want him,  she just does naturally because she responds to his character,  his charm and his charisma.  These are the things that you need to develop if you want to attract back your ex girlfriend.