Can I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back If She Cheated on Me?

Question:  Even though my ex girlfriend did cheat on me when we were dating,  and that was the reason why we broke up,  I am starting to feel like maybe I shouldn’t have done that.  A part of me thinks that we should have worked things out and then there is a part of me that thinks that maybe I did the right thing.  I guess what I am wondering is,  if my ex girlfriend was the one that cheated on me,  can I get her back?

Answer:  I am going to answer the question of can you get her back first and the answer to that is most likely yes.  HOWEVER,  you do want to take this seriously and really put some thought into actually going ahead and trying to win her back and I’ll tell you why.  The reality is,  if she hasn’t worked out whatever it was that caused her to go outside of the relationship and you end up back with her,  it very well could happen again.

The problem that some guys face when they get cheated on is,  they start to think that it must have been their fault.  They start to feel like they are partially responsible for their ex girlfriend going out and sleeping with another guy and I know that there are people (even therapists) that will agree with that,  however,  I don’t think you have to accept that responsibility.

Sure,  you might have been a bad boyfriend,  but the reality is that she didn’t have to go and sleep with another guy if there were issues that needed to be worked on.  So,  even though it is entirely possible that you can get back your ex girlfriend if she was the one that cheated on you,  you might really want to take some time to think about actually going ahead and doing that.

I’ll give you an example of someone I knew that actually did have that situation where his ex girlfriend cheated,  they did break up,  and then he did take her back.  Probably about 3 months later they were having some problems and guess what she did?  Yep – she went ahead and slept with another guy.

That is a reality that you have to consider,  even if you still feel as though you have feelings for your ex girlfriend.  As much as it probably sucked to find out that she cheated on you the first time around,  could you handle hearing about it a second time?

If you don’t think that you’d be able to handle that,  I’d say that you probably should not get back with her,  even though it is possible to do.