5 Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back


So if you think about it,  in some ways,  we don’t really evolve all that much from high school.  Back then,  you probably wondered about whether or not a certain girl liked you.  You tried to look for “clues” that would help you out.  And if you are like most guys,  most of the time … you got it wrong!

Don’t feel bad.

We all went through that before.

But the good news is,  you don’t have to sweat it out like you did in high school.  You can learn a few ways to figure out if your ex girlfriend likes you and look for those ‘tells’ and be right more often than not.

We’re going to go through 5 ways to figure out if your ex girlfriend likes you or not in this post.


Let’s get crackin’ then.

The first way to figure out if your ex girlfriend likes you or not …

She can’t stop laughing at all your corny jokes.

To be able to see this,  you have to be brutally honest about which jokes of yours are really corny.  A lot of guys don’t have this self-awareness.  They actually think their corny jokes … aren’t so corny.  You gotta be able to be honest enough if you want to be able to tell if she’s laughing at your corny jokes.

The second way to figure out if your ex girlfriend likes you or not …

She wants to change you.

It might sound a bit stereotypical.  But there’s a good reason for the stereotype of women wanting to change guys they like.  It’s what they do.  It might be a bit annoying.  And it might make you think that she doesn’t like you so much if she’s always trying to change you.  But most of the time,  it means that she likes you.  That’s why she wants you to change.  So you become “perfect” boyfriend material.

The third way to figure out if your ex girlfriend still likes you or not …

She’s dropping hints that you and her should hang out.

This is one that should be kind of obvious.  But it’s not always.  Not to all guys.  Even if the thing she wants to do with you isn’t what you want to do … You have to be able to read between the lines.  It means that she wants to spend time with you doing the things she likes,  which almost always means she likes you.  Otherwise,  she wouldn’t want you to come and hang.

The fourth way to figure out if your ex girlfriend likes you or not …

She likes to challenge you on your opinions.

This is closely related to her wanting to change you.  A lot of women like to challenge a guy they like to see what he does.  Does he change his opinions?  Does he hold his ground?  Whatever she’s looking for,  it’s almost always a sign that she’s feeling interested in you and of course,  that’s a good thing.

The fifth way to figure out if your ex girlfriend likes you or not …

She’s showing non-stop body language signs that she’s attracted to you.

These can be subtle.  And if you don’t know what to look for,  you could end up missing out on most of them.  Plenty of times,  I’ve seen friends getting all sorts of body language signs from a woman … and they don’t even know it.  You want to learn at least a little bit about what body language signs women give off when they are attracted to a guy.  Because if you don’t know … You could end up missing out on getting back with your ex girlfriend.

How to create rapport with your ex girlfriend

While it may seem hard right now to create rapport with your ex girlfriend,  I want to point out something.

You already did it once before.

That’s how she became your girlfriend.  So what you are really trying to do is RECREATE rapport with your ex girlfriend.

Now …

That’s really what we’re going to talk about.  How to RECREATE that rapport that you once had with her.  And yeah … it ain’t always a walk in the park.  Still,  it CAN be done and it can actually be kinda easy *if* you know what you are doing.

The first thing that you have to know is …

She might have her defenses up and that’s going to make it a little harder to create rapport with your ex girlfriend.

In fact,  she probably will.  Sometimes guys in the PUA world will call it a bitch shield.  That’s normal.  And to be expected.  Women are pretty savvy when it comes to relationships.  Moreso than most guys are.  She probably knows that you are going to try to do “something” to win her back.  And naturally,  she’s going to have a skeptical side to her,  even if a part of her is open to the idea of getting back together.

The second thing that you have to know is …

What worked to create rapport with her before might not work again.

I mean the exact same things.  That’s one of the things that guys kind of get wrong.  They’ll forget that she’s not exactly the same woman she was when they met.  So the old things that you did might not go over so well.  We’re all changing,  all the time.  Even if it is ever-so-slightly.  You gotta get to know the “new” her and be adaptable when you meet up with her and are around her.

That said …

The easiest way to create rapport with a woman is to ACT LIKE AN ALPHA MALE. 

Because it’s the way you are supposed to act.  And she’s wired by NATURE to respond to that.

But …

It can’t be an over-the-top act.

She’ll be able to see right through it.  She’ll know that you are just putting on an act.  Plus,  a lot of guys have a distorted view of what an alpha male is.  They see guys acting a certain way on television and in movies … and they assume that’s what they should do.

Almost always …

The answer is No.  You shouldn’t emulate what you see on televison and in movies.  Cuz it’s fake.  It’s fiction.

When you act like an alpha male and it seems NATURAL …

She will respond and she will be in RAPPORT with you.

It’s that SIMPLE.

How to play hard to get with your ex girlfriend and make her want you back

Does playing “hard-to-get” help you get back an ex girlfriend?

It can.

If it’s done right.

There’s 2 major problems facing you if you want to play hard to get with an ex.

The first one is …

Most guys couldn’t play hard to get for more than a few minutes if you paid them a million bucks.

And the second one is …

Women’ll tell you that it doesn’t work.

Even though it totally does.

Let’s take a deeper look at the first problem.  

The fact that most guys couldn’t play hard-to-get with a woman for more than a few minutes.  Even with the promise of a million bucks.  The reason is rather simple.  It’s NOT how guys are trained to act.  We’re trained to pursue and make our pursuit pretty damn obvious.

Think about playing tag on a playground.

The boys chase the girls.

It doesn’t stop there.  Think back to your first school dance.  You were supposed to ask her out.  Like a jester hoping to get the queen to smile.  It was your job to impress her enough and make your intention known.

And it just keeps on like that.

All throughout life.

So,  it’s really not your fault if playing hard-to-get doesn’t come naturally.  Society decided that for you.  You had practically no say in the matter.

But …

The good news is that we are adaptable.  We’re not like the old dog who can’t learn new tricks.  We CAN learn a new way to operate in the world.

And as long as you know that playing hard-to-get the right way works …

Well,  you have all the incentive in the world to learn a new trick or two.



Now …

Let’s take a deeper look at the second problem.

The fact that women’ll say that playing hard-to-get doesn’t work.

One reason why they say that is because they’ve seen plenty of guys try it.  And because most guys can’t do it,  they assume that it never works on them.  But that’s not really true.  Because the guys who DO know how to do it … well,  women never THINK those guys are playing hard-to-get.

They just think the guy really is hard-to-get.

So the weird thing is that when it does work,  the woman won’t know.  She’ll just know that she’s really attracted to the guy and she doesn’t quite know why.  She can’t put her finger on it.  She can’t put it into words.  Because it creates a feeling inside of her.

That’s why you wanna learn how to play hard-to-get.

Because it works.  And when it does,  she doesn’t know that’s what’s happening.  All she’ll know is that she’s feeling really,  really,  really attracted to you.

She won’t know why.

And it doesn’t really matter why.

Not as long as you’ve got her back,  right?