How Do I Move On After Breaking Up With My Girlfriend?

Breaking up is something that isn’t really an easy thing to deal with,  especially when the reality is that you wished that the relationship had never ended in the first place.  You have to deal with so many things.  You have to deal with the fact that you are alone now.  You have to deal with the fact that you are going to miss your ex girlfriend.  You are going to have to wake up without her being at your side.  That definitely is NOT an easy thing to have to deal with for sure.

How can you move on after breaking up with your girlfriend?

1.  Do not allow yourself to become isolated socially right after the break up.

This is an easy thing to do.  You feel sad,  you don’t want to see anyone,  so you end up spending all of your time alone right after the break up.  However,  that is about the worst thing that you can do.  If you really want to be able to move on,  you need to be able to spend time with people and have a social life.

2.  Don’t allow yourself to think about the break up all of the time.

The more time you spend thinking about the break up,  how much it hurts you,  and how much you want your ex girlfriend back,  the worse you are going to feel.  You don’t need to do that to yourself.  What you need to do is clear your mind of those kinds of thoughts for a while.  You can’t possibly move on if you are constantly thinking about the break up and thinking about your ex girlfriend.

3.  You have to allow yourself to visualize a new woman coming into your life.

I am not suggesting that you are going to imagine a woman in your mind and she is going to just come into your life as if by magic.  That’s not going to happen.  What you need to do is get comfortable with the idea that you can be with another woman and stop seeing yourself as being attached to your former girlfriend.