How to play hard to get with your ex girlfriend and make her want you back

Does playing “hard-to-get” help you get back an ex girlfriend?

It can.

If it’s done right.

There’s 2 major problems facing you if you want to play hard to get with an ex.

The first one is …

Most guys couldn’t play hard to get for more than a few minutes if you paid them a million bucks.

And the second one is …

Women’ll tell you that it doesn’t work.

Even though it totally does.

Let’s take a deeper look at the first problem.  

The fact that most guys couldn’t play hard-to-get with a woman for more than a few minutes.  Even with the promise of a million bucks.  The reason is rather simple.  It’s NOT how guys are trained to act.  We’re trained to pursue and make our pursuit pretty damn obvious.

Think about playing tag on a playground.

The boys chase the girls.

It doesn’t stop there.  Think back to your first school dance.  You were supposed to ask her out.  Like a jester hoping to get the queen to smile.  It was your job to impress her enough and make your intention known.

And it just keeps on like that.

All throughout life.

So,  it’s really not your fault if playing hard-to-get doesn’t come naturally.  Society decided that for you.  You had practically no say in the matter.

But …

The good news is that we are adaptable.  We’re not like the old dog who can’t learn new tricks.  We CAN learn a new way to operate in the world.

And as long as you know that playing hard-to-get the right way works …

Well,  you have all the incentive in the world to learn a new trick or two.



Now …

Let’s take a deeper look at the second problem.

The fact that women’ll say that playing hard-to-get doesn’t work.

One reason why they say that is because they’ve seen plenty of guys try it.  And because most guys can’t do it,  they assume that it never works on them.  But that’s not really true.  Because the guys who DO know how to do it … well,  women never THINK those guys are playing hard-to-get.

They just think the guy really is hard-to-get.

So the weird thing is that when it does work,  the woman won’t know.  She’ll just know that she’s really attracted to the guy and she doesn’t quite know why.  She can’t put her finger on it.  She can’t put it into words.  Because it creates a feeling inside of her.

That’s why you wanna learn how to play hard-to-get.

Because it works.  And when it does,  she doesn’t know that’s what’s happening.  All she’ll know is that she’s feeling really,  really,  really attracted to you.

She won’t know why.

And it doesn’t really matter why.

Not as long as you’ve got her back,  right?