I Think My Girlfriend Might Want to Break Up With Me

Question:  I am starting to get the feeling that my girlfriend might want to break up with me.  We’ve been dating for about 6 months.  For the last month or so,  it seems like she doesn’t want to spend as much time with me.  She’s even broken arrangements at the last moment a couple of times.  What should I do?

Answer:  Well,  at least it’s good that you are aware that something has changed.  A lot of guys don’t really realize that things aren’t going that well until it is too late and they are getting dumped.  So,  that’s one good thing.  It’s far better to recognize that your relationship may be in trouble before it comes to an end.

Patching things up with her now,  while she still is your girlfriend is far easier than to wait until the relationship totally unravels and you are trying to win her back because she is your ex girlfriend.

You might not want to jump to conclusions just yet,  though.  There could be many mundane reasons why it seems like she is pulling away from you.  Keep that in mind.

However,  if you are getting the feeling that your girlfriend is starting to pull away and you think that it might mean that your girlfriend wants to break up with you,  then there are some steps that you can take.

1)  Try to bring the romance aspect back into the relationship.

This ends up being one of the most common reasons why a woman will start to pull away.  Once the romance is gone,  everything else just kinds of fade away.

2)  Don’t panic about her pulling away from you.

If she is pulling away a little bit and you panic,  then you are going to try to overcompensate and that is usually when you’ll make a big mistake.

3)  Be the guy that she fell for in the beginning. 

It’s easy to become a little too comfortable in a relationship and stop being the guy that she fell for when you first started dating her.  If she is pulling away from you,  then you want to remind her of WHY she fell for you in the first place.

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