My Ex Girlfriend is Dating a Loser – Don’t Take it Too Seriously

Finding out that your ex girlfriend is dating a loser is kind of a weird scenario.

On the one hand,  you are probably a little bit upset by the fact that she is dating again.  On the other hand,  it’s kind of a good thing that she hasn’t found a perfect guy,  right?  It would be a lot harder to try and win back an ex girlfriend from another guy if he didn’t have any flaws.  Since the guy she is dating right now is a loser in your opinion,  that should mean that you have a little bit better odds of getting back together with her.

Don’t take it too seriously if your ex girlfriend is dating a loser.

That would be a big mistake.  Even though she might not break up with him right away,  the fact that he isn’t a winner does suggest that she probably won’t be with him for too long.  Not only that,  the fact that her new boyfriend is a loser bodes well for you if you want to try and outshine him.

That’s what you need to do.  Outshine him.

As long as you are able to look better in just about every way when compared to this new guy that she is dating,  you are going to have the edge as far as getting back with her.  This should be easy for you to do as long as you don’t blow your cool and you don’t make him look better than he really is in the process.

What should you do to outshine this loser your ex girlfriend is dating?

Get your life in order.  In every way that you can.  That means that you want to get your finances in good shape,  you want to get your physical condition in as good of shape as you possibly can,   and you want to come across as being more charismatic and attractive than the man she is with.  If you can come across this way,  it doesn’t matter that your ex girlfriend is dating a loser right now.

What matters is that you WILL be able to get her back as long as you don’t screw things up along the way.

Final tip …

Stop comparing yourself to him even if you think he’s a loser.

This is one of those things that’ll help you out in all aspects of your life.  Most people spend way too much time trying to compare themselves to other people.  Even if you feel like he’s a loser and you are much better for your ex girlfriend?

Stop comparing yourself to him.

Stop focusing on him.

Your energy can be better spent working on yourself and making your life better.  And in doing that … and dropping the habit of comparing yourself to the loser your ex girlfriend is dating?

You’ll have a much better chance to win her back.

You’ll be focused on the RIGHT things.