My Ex Girlfriend is Playing Hard to Get – What Should I Do?

In just about any situation where you feel like a woman is playing hard to get with you,  it can be difficult to figure out what it is that you should do and how you should react.  Many a man has made mistakes when he is been caught in a situation like this.  You definitely don’t want to screw things up and do the wrong thing,  so it is a good idea that you’d want to get some input and advice on how you should react to feeling like your ex girlfriend is playing hard to get.

Make Sure That Your Ex Girlfriend Really IS Playing Hard to Get With You –

This is the first thing that I would suggest that you do.  When it comes to dealing with an ex girlfriend,  a lot of the time men will see what they want to see.  Meaning,  they will want to feel like their ex girlfriend is playing hard to get when that may not really be the case at all.  So,  you want to take a realistic perspective of things and not come to a conclusion too soon.  For example,  I have had guys exclaim that their ex girlfriend is playing hard to get when the clear answer is that she just doesn’t really want anything at all to do with them.

Don’t Overreact to Your Ex Girlfriend Playing Hard to Get With You –

The main thing is that you don’t want to overreact to a situation like this.  The moment that you overreact to your ex girlfriend playing hard to get with you,  you end up losing any chance that you have of being able to attract her back to you. You want to be calm about things.  You want to have an attitude like it doesn’t really bother you at all.  More than that,  you actually DO want to feel that way,  you don’t want to just fake like that is the way that you feel.

Use Push/Pull to Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend –

This is a really good situation where you can use a proven seduction technique like push/pull to bring your ex girlfriend back.  Most guys will never ever use a technique like this and that will end up being the reason WHY they don’t end up winning back their ex girlfriend.  When she is playing hard to get with you, using push/pull to create powerful sexual attraction with your ex girlfriend is going to be one of the best things that you can do.