Should I buy flowers or some kind of jewelry gift for my ex girlfriend?

It’s the “obvious” thing to do.

At least, that’s what most guys seem to think. They want to get back with their ex girlfriend and so …

They decide they should buy some kind of a gift for their ex girlfriend.

Flowers are usually one of the first things that come to mind.

Jewelry also usually pops up as one of the options as well.

So …

Should you send flowers to your ex girlfriend?

The answer is a big fat No.

You shouldn’t send her flowers. And the reason for that is pretty easy to digest. Because it’s about …


See, when she’s your ex girlfriend and you aren’t really on track to getting back together?

The timing is off.

Way off.

And so, it’s going to change the way she interprets your gift. This is not just true for flowers. It’s true for pretty much any gift you can think of. Think about it. If you are attracted to someone and they send you a gift?

You generally love it.

No matter what it is.

But …

If that attraction has someone gone away and they send you a gift?

Even if you love the actual thing they sent you … you usually don’t love the fact that it was them who sent it to you.

And that’s what really matters here.

It’s the WHO who is behind the gift.

So if you shouldn’t send flowers to an ex girlfriend … what should you do?

First, focus on the no contact rule. Follow it. As much as you may want to reach out to your ex girlfriend …

Practice and exercise some self control.

It’s not going to have the effect on her you want it to have. It’s not going to make her come running back into your arms.

Next …

Learn how to rebuild the attraction with her.

This is the thing that’s REALLY missing. This is the missing piece. The one thing that’ll make it so you don’t have to send her anything at all … unless you like to.

When the attraction is back … when she is thinking about you when you are not around …

That is the perfect time to send her a little something.

And it doesn’t have to be all that impressive. It doesn’t have to be a dozen long-stem roses or diamond jewelry or anything like that.

A little token of your affection will suffice.

Because it is the attraction that matters most.

The other thing about wanting to give your ex girlfriend gifts like flowers and jewelry is …

Most guys think of it as being a shortcut. A simple thing they can do that’s going to get them exactly what they want. They imagine the process of attracting their ex girlfriend back is just going to be way too hard. Take way too long and so, they imagine that if they send a simple gift … it will do all the “hard” work for them.

Truth is, winning back an ex girlfriend doesn’t have to be that hard.

Not when you truly understand exactly what to do to make her feel like she wants you …

And only you.

Would you like to know how to do just that?