Should I Try to Be Casual When Talking to My Ex Girlfriend?

Question:  I am pretty nervous for some reason when I am talking to my ex girlfriend.  I don’t know why that is.  I wasn’t nervous talking to her when we were dating.  I am starting to feel like that nervousness while speaking to her is probably hurting my chances of being able to get her back.  Should I try to be casual when I talk to my ex girlfriend?

Answer:  YES!  You should be casual when you talk to her.  It will increase the chances of you being able to get her back.  There is a good reason why you feel nervous around her now when you used not to when you were dating her.  When you were dating her,  you knew that she was your girl.  You knew that she liked you.  The moment that a woman breaks up with you,  you no longer know that.  She isn’t your girl.  She becomes a woman you are trying to impress and you are trying to get her to like you.

That’s why you get nervous when talking to your ex girlfriend.  And yes,  it does hurt your chances of being able to get her back.  Now,  on the other hand if you can be totally cool and casual –  you will increase the odds that she’ll come back to you.

Here’s why you want to be casual around your ex girlfriend:

Women FEED OFF of the VIBES that you are giving off.  They just do.  So,  when you start to act nervous around your ex girlfriend,  it makes her feel nervous.  However,  it’s not the “I have butterflies in my stomach because I like him” kind of nervous,  it’s the “this feels awkward” kind of nervous.

That feeling makes her want to GET AWAY from you.

Obviously,  that is not what you want to do.  You do not want your ex girlfriend to feel like being around you is awkward.  You want her to feel comfortable around you.  At the same time,  you want to make her feel that butterflies in the stomach kind of feeling,  but that only comes when you act casual and confident around your ex girlfriend.