Sweet Things to Say to Your Ex Girlfriend – Don’t Overdo It

I had to write this, because I just came across one of those really generic articles, obviously written by a guy who doesn’t get laid much. It was one of those “sweet things to say to your ex girlfriend” pieces and before I landed on it, I already knew what it was going to say. Look, the idea that you were not sweet enough and that is why she broke up with you – that’s a crock. Seriously.

I know. Some guys are complete douchebags when they are in a relationship and maybe for them, coming across a little bit sweeter might work. Might not.

If you are a good guy and she ended the relationship – it probably wasn’t because you weren’t sweet enough. Sweet can easily be overdone.

These kinds of articles always say the same thing

  • Tell her you love her
  • Tell her you miss her
  • Tell her you are thinking about her
  • Etc,

That doesn’t work in most, nearly all situations. Doing that is going to make you seem like just another guy who doesn’t get it. That is NOT the way that you want to come across. You can be a nice guy with an edge and get your ex girlfriend back way faster than some guy who’s going on and on about how much he misses her, how much he loves her, etc.

What DOES work?

Instead of fixating on saying sweet things to your ex girlfriend, why not say things that are going to make her feel attracted to you?

Why not say things that are going to make you look a little more irresistible?

Here is a little bit of what I mean, an example of what I told a guy to say to his ex girlfriend that actually worked… none of that lovey dovey stuff.

Her: So, how’ve you been?

Him: Awesome!

Her: Really? Awesome? That’s good.

Him: Yeah, so how’ve you been?

Her: Bored.

Him: That sucks… you should get out more.

Her: Where am I going to go? I have work and school, you know that.

Him: You’ve got Friday nights free.

Her: Yeah, but where would I go?

Him: (Laughs) Are you asking to tag-along with me?

Her: No… why what are you doing Friday?

Him: Shooting some pool, probably check out this band that is playing later.

Her: I like pool.

Him: Stop begging (laughs). You sound like you are trying to get me to ask you to come along?

Her: (Laughs) Maybe.

Him: I gotta get going… I’ll be at (pool hall name) at 7. Stop in if you want.

Her: Okay.

She showed up. Tagged along with him to see that band. They hooked up. See that? No sappy “I still love you.” No “I miss you so much.”

Sappy doesn’t work most of the time.  Anyone that advises that sappy stuff,  probably doesn’t get much action and probably has never actually gotten an ex girlfriend back.

You want her back?