Texting Your Ex Girlfriend Late at Night – 3 Things to Avoid

Question:  I have been sending a few text messages here and there to my ex girlfriend and she seems to be receptive to them. One thing that I have wondered is, what is the deal with sending texts late at night. I usually get the urge to text her when I am sitting at home, watching television and a lot of the times, that means late at night. What are some things that I need to avoid doing if I am going to text her late at night?

Answer:  10 or 15 years ago, the question would have been pretty much the same, except that you would have been asking about calling her late at night and not texting. So, this isn’t some unknown territory. Guys have gotten that urge late at night to call up an ex girlfriend for decades and now when they get the urge, it’s about texting and not calling. Still, most of those old school principles are the same.

Here are three things that you want to avoid if you are thinking about texting her late at night:

1. You want to avoid texting her too late.

You should have some idea of what her schedule is. If she goes to bed at 11 pm, you don’t want to text her too close to that time or after that time. Stay within a couple of hours of her bedtime, so if her habit is to go to bed at 11, don’t text after 9 pm.

2. Don’t make it a sexting thing.

I don’t know exactly what you mean by “urge” but for a lot of guys that translates to the fact that they want to talk dirty to their ex girlfriend. Don’t do it. Sexting her doesn’t really do much as far as making her want you sexually when she is your ex girlfriend and to be honest, that is probably one of the first things that she is going to assume that you are going to do.

3. If you are going to go back and forth a lot of times, just call her up.

You really want to make a good impression on your ex girlfriend? You want to be able to make her feel attraction and rapport? Get her talking to you on the phone. Texts are good for short communication, not long. So, if you are going to end up having a conversation, get her on the phone instead. Avoid the texting back and forth 20 times kind of thing if you can.